Other RFPB Products

– We do even more to support your power needs after the sale, including supplying maintenance, service, and repair parts, as well as unique tailor made solutions..

Unit Substations (all types) (as per SEC- 56-SDMS-01)Unit Substations (all types) (as per SEC- 56-SDMS-03)Package Substations (all types) (as per SEC- 56-SDMS-04)
LV Stand Alone (all types) (as per SEC 31-SDMS-01, Rev. 3)Package & Lighting Substations & USS/EUSS upto 3150KVA/ 36KV (all types) (Private Sectors as per IEC)

All Types of Low Voltage Panels, such us;

  • Main Distribution Boards (MDB’s)
  • Sub-Main Distribution Boards (SMDB’s)
  • Distribution Boards
  • Lighting Panels
  • Motor Control Panels/Centers – w/ withdrawable (MCP’s/MCC’s)
  • Generator Panels
  • Synchronizing Panels
  • Power Factor Correction Panels (Capacitor Banks)
  • Automatic & Manual Transfer Switches (ATS & MTS)
  • DDC Panels
  • Mimic Control Desk
  • Feeder Pillar
  • Load Centers
  • Cable Trays & Ladders Support Systems
Sub-Main Distribution Panel