Package & Unit Substation

  • Enclosure made in high quality 2mm thick metal sheet.
  • Fully tin plated copper busbars
  • High quality powder coated finish
  • Double roof feature
  • With or without main breaker in LV

Package & Unit Substation Technical Data

– Package Substation comprises HV compartment consisting of RMU equipped with earth fault indicator. Step down transformer and LV compartment with distribution panel. Unit substation are without RMU.

TypeP S/S and U S/S
HV & LV Rating13.8KV & 33KV / 400/231 V, 60Hz
Rated kVAUp to 3150kVA
LV Current RatingUp to 6300 A
Rated Short Circuit Current25 kA, 1sec, 40kA & 63kA, 2sec
Degree of Protection (IP)54
Individual IP (RMU//Xfmer/LV)54/23/54
Paint Color / ShadeRAL 7033 Powder Coating or (As required)
Cable EntryBottom
Applicable Standard / SECIEC 61330 / SC/TS-38, 56 SDMS-01
Sub-Main Distribution Panel
Motor Control Center